The Artist

I was born in 1979, in Arica, Chile, but I grew up in a small town called Villa Alemana, located in the center of the Country. During my childhood, I discovered the art of handcrafting observing my mother working in her small workshop at home. Since then, Design became my dream, and to pursue this dream, I went to the University to get my degree as “Diseñadora en Arquitectura y Equipamiento”.

My University degree gave me the knowledge and based structure to follow up my specialization in Italy, where I obtained a Master Degree in Exhibit Design. I had the opportunity to work jointly with fantastic and recognized Italian designers, helping me to expand my limits, mature my design concepts and come back to my Country with a revamped spirit.

Nowadays, in Romania, I’ve blended all my previous experiences and works in glass and jewelry, achieving important milestones for my career, such as “The Fly of the Butterflies”, exposed in an important art gallery in Bucharest, and, the opportunity to exhibit my energetic jewelry in an exclusive Romanian fashion design store.


After few years of continuous work in Chile, our family moved to a new life experience in London. During those 2 years, I had the opportunity to visit several museums, art collections, galleries and to study and discover new techniques on fusion glass.



After 4 years in Mexico, life brought me back to my home country, Chile, where I took the opportunity to enrich my career, bringing business and strategy as complement to the Design, starting a Master in Strategic Design. In parallel, I started an introspective work, which brought me closer to the universal energy knowledge, reiki techniques, energetic stones and tarot. All those new concepts and knowledge inspired me to design and create my energetic jewellery collection.



After London, a new chapter was opened in my life, entitled Monterrey. Four fantastic years of new design experiences and colors, the colors of Mexico. Monterrey host the only Glass Museum in Latino America, which gave me a wonderful opportunity to continue learning new glass fusion techniques, starting my work in glass jewelry and glass butterflies.